All Alone 😞

Meeting new people, with the added benefit of having a more relaxed timetable; dedicating a year to studying an Art & Design Foundation degree in college to be able to get into a good uni, in a year’s time. I could have went this year through the clearing process, but I didn’t want to trade off on a crap one.

I’m also planning on getting a job as a retail assistant... or as a bartender - will be able to save some money for uni, later on. Finding a job is the hardest job.

Many of my friends will be going off to uni, this year. Sad Face. However, I loved the get-together they organised. Had a BBQ evening, then went on a pub crawl. Met many old faces in the town centre...

It’s 03:00 and the music has stopped; the club has finished. Everyone’s pouring out of the building, like zombies. Walking slowly, with heavy feet and with a heavy heart. A zombie apocalypse has started! That night club turns people inside out. Ugh.

$root - whoami
zoophagous zombie
Moscow Never Sleeps

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