The affable, always polite and politically-correct, seemingly good-natured personalities, wearing smiles on their faces. All the time. How I loathe it! It’s disgusting, never stopping grinning, their faces disfigured with those small and constant petty laughs, beaming with utter pleasure all the time. Small-talk, small-talk, smiling all the way. Forced chuckle there, burst of barefaced insolent spasms of laughter here. And it never comes out very tactful, either. Like Patrick Bateman. It’s scary.

They never take off that smile. That is very annoying. Them beaming at you with pure joy of life, the kind of beam that urges you to either do exactly the same, or wholly contrary; you want to shout, go crazy, just make them stop smiling at you, make them listen and take you seriously! Tell them about the crises, enlighten them with your disturbing thoughts and news of war. Make them stop laughing!
But it is no use. They will attentively listen, agree and add some more, without ever taking off that crude, distasteful and always, so full of teeth, smile. It’s like a nation’s curse; the smile syndrome.

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