Adobe Portfolio - A Mistake?

I’m thinking. I’m thinking of switching over from CargoCollective to Adobe Portfolio - I like their free, try-before-you-buy approach, where you can tinker with your portfolio for as long as you want before you publish it.
Just realizing how many different portfolio-hosting services I’ve went through over the last five years; the number of those services on the internet is ridiculous, and I simply cannot find something original that suits me.

Adobe Portfolio does not add anything original to the competitive and always increasing world of online portfolio-hosters; all these services try to cram a great amount of features in and only some manage to make it a worthwhile experience for the average John Doe. One such service that I’ve stumbled across is Dunked, which absolutely blew my mind when I began using it, by the ease one can quickly create a great piece of online design that works and looks well. However, after a year I grew bored of Dunked (I like to grow bored of things) and switched over to CargoCollective - their service is more grown-up, they have been around since 2009 and have accumulated a vast audience of all kinds of artists. CargoCollective is almost like a social network, where your website works as a portfolio for the masses, but also incorporates insider like/follow features for all the members, which is really fun.

Adobe Portfolio, on the other hand, is a copycat. Apart from the fact that you get a licensed version of Lightroom and Photoshop, there’s nothing else to motivate you to buy that subscription. In Adobe’s empire of great software, Adobe Portfolio works as an add-on, they have not refined their service and it is very noticeable by the speed (very slow) and by the fact that their knowledgebase consists of absurd grammatical mistakes (probably corrected, after I complained on Twitter). And that’s just at a glance.

Please Adobe, improve your new service! I like the idea, but apart from that mesmerizingly-beautiful UI it lacks a lot of well-known features (HTML/CSS customization, wink wink =__= !!!) and is just not up to the standard in its current state. It would be pointless to continue to work upon it if you are not planning on dedicating more time and effort into it.

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