Four Weeks

One month is not much. In four weeks, school will cease its obligatory teaching programme and the holidays will begin. Currently, I’m enjoying the last three days of my two-week study leave, which I didn’t spend exactly as I would have liked to; sitting on my ass (I like using the american spelling of arse) all day long, doing nothing but watch, read and do the seldom house chores. There were a few good, warm, sunny days - took advantage and went out to the park with friends. God, I love the playground swings, I think they’re the biggest in Ipswich.

To think that in four weeks I’ll be in Russia! I hope to spend my precious six weeks wisely, visit the right places and landmarks, commute aboard the metro around Moscow for hours on end (last year I spent four hours on the metro in a row - whoops!) and enjoy the country life of a neighbouring village during the weekends, one of the very many that surround the Moscow suburbs. In particular, it’s called Nechesovo, a place which I visit every year.

I’d also like to find a part-time job, earn a few rubles ;)

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