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Dear Notepad,

It all began two years ago, when my uncle introduced me to the world of urban exploration by showing me round a desolated sanitarium. Moreover, that ancient, soviet sanitarium was equipped with an atomic bunker. Yes, an atomic bunker.

I am sold on urbex...

Now for some history of the place. The abandoned sanitarium is located in the Shakhovskoy district in the suburbs of Moscow and was built during the 1960-70s. The underground shelter below the sanitarium was designed to hold up to 200-300 people at a time, and was therefore fitted with special air-cleaning filters and a diesel generator to provide a constant supply of energy. It was designed to be very independent from the rest of the world, and if, God forbid, an atomic bomb was to explode nearby, the residents of the sanitarium would be able to survive, having huge reserves of water and medicine in the bunker. That’s it, I guess. Not a lot is known about the place, other than its main (suspected) use was to serve as a communication center. It was officially shut in 1992.

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