29th August, 2013 // 21:55:40

Dear Notepad,

I would’ve never thought that I had to wake up so early on a holiday...

It all started with a very nice dream being abruptly put on hold at 7:10:00 in the morning. I dragged myself up and rinsed my face in the tap. Having no clue of where I was going away for a whole ten hours, I wearily climbed into a comfy, a/c equipped coach that was taking us on tour. 2 hours of driving to our destination. Walking about ancient ruins of a 10th century church of St. Nicholas, visiting the city where he lived and became a bishop. Later visiting a licenced icon shop where the minimum cost was $50 for a small icon. Of course, they were handmade by monks, plated in silver and gold. Very beautiful. Travelled another hour or so on the bus to the docks, where there was a double-decker speedboat waiting for us. While on board, the tour guide told us all about the ruins of the ancient city of Kekova from the 5th century and how half of it sank from a Tsunami. We could barely make out the remains of the other half by looking into a hatch in the boat.
In half-hour’s time, the boat came to a halt. A pause for the crew and a bath in the sea for me. I was the first one to jump off the boat into the rich-blue sea. Refreshing.

Back in the coach, the tour continued. Our final destination was a souvenir shop, where everyone could appreciate the taste of Turkey; wines and olive oils, sweets and coffee. We were given a free sip of some of the wines on sale and a taste of the local sweets, which were very unique and different in taste to anything I have eaten before.

Very tired now, after going on my first-ever sightseeing tour. It was a very good one, too. The guide was very informative, humorous, who made the 10 hours pass by very quickly. He talked in Russian very well, but his accent was most peculiar. At start, it annoyed me, but I got used to it more and more as time passed. By the end of the journey I began to like it very much.

...Just came back from an evening stroll, accompanied by Dima and Fe. At the beach, the music is playing loud, lots of activities for a lot people.

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