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Dear Notepad,

Daylight saving ended on the 27th of October, 02:00. Still can’t adjust to the time. Time drags on...

Infrequent, disturbing sound. Lying, lost in a dream of thoughtfulness and discontent. A sound of something, unknown, swiftly opening and shutting. I rose, peering dreamily out of the window. Chaos. The bin on its side, rubbish flying aimlessly around the garden. I could make out leftovers of last evening’s dinner, food which I couldn’t bother to eat. A bag flew past my window, going off on a tangent, a projectile with a mind of its own. Physics there.

Hmm. The storm was vigorous...

Sixth form is just around the corner. So much choice, so many opportunities. Art, Computing, English Language and German. After carefully considering what’s best for me, I came to a conclusion that these would be the subjects that I would study, which would (hopefully) lead me to a university. I spent yesterday’s evening looking at different universities’ entry requirements for what I love doing most - Art. I couldn’t find art in any universities apart from the UAL. The University of the Arts, London. Looks like a very nice place. Some notable alumni include Anish Kapoor, whom I have studied in Art in Year 9 and Colin Firth, the actor who played in Pride and Prejudice (1995). I wanted to do an Animation degree, but my mother persuaded me not to. Quite pointless, it won’t lead me to a successful career, and the community there is too ‘creative’ even to my liking.

Then I found it. The University of Surrey, located just south of London, half an hour drive. The campus looks amazing, the most beautiful uni I have ever saw so far, after browsing all the possible choices for 3 hours on the Internet. And the statistics are great, extremely great, too. It comes 13th in the Complete University Guide. And the average salary after the course is £26,000.

I want to do a Computing and Information Technology BSc (Hons) course, which will last three years. I will learn all about web development, managing web infrastructures, marketing, data structures and algorithms etc. Plus, I will spend a whole year in professional training. I will get a placement in companies like IBM or Microsoft. And if they see that I am good at what I do, they might consider employing me full-time. It will be fascinating. Astonishing.

P.S. Thank goodness I took Electronics for GCSE and Computing for A-Level. Just what I need...

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