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Dear Notepad,

How can I sum up a whole day in a single word? What word shall it be? So many things can happen in 24 hours. Hmm...

The third day of the holiday is at its end, and I can say that I like Turkey. The holiday in Turkey, of course, as I have never seen the unknown reality that is hidden behind the boundaries of the hotel. This day ran as usual, the routine being made up of waking up early, going to the sea for a short swim, then eating breakfast at the smorgasbord cafe. Have a rest at home, go for another swim in the sea, followed by cooling down in the outdoor swimming pool. As I have said before, Turkey during summer is a very hot place with the forecast predicting temperatures rising up to 42°. The great heat is on from 12:00 up until 16:00. During this time, the beach is bare as it would have been during December. Most people sleep away the unbearable hot with a/c running max. Siesta. I try to do the same. Today I managed to sleep for an hour. I like to spend this peaceful time doing my favourite thing - drawing. Drawing for fun, anything that I like - I was kept busy drawing off from magazines that I brought from Russia; filled with interesting pictures of robots and funny nerds and scientists that made them. Source of inspiration.

The great heat is off and the first thing I do is go to the beach, walk up the platform and dive. Wheez, the sea is refreshing, but not enough. It is warm as milk. Go to the pool, where the water is cool, have some fun, talk to friends. Spend the rest of the evening sitting on the PC, drawing, watching films.

That is a typical day summed up. Today was even better. I went parasailing. Floating above the sea, ~ 100 metres in the air, I could see the sun setting down in the mountains. The beach was tiny, the sea in all its glory and magnificence. I felt tiny.

...So many things can happen in 24 hours. Euphoria.

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