27th November, 2013 // 18:46:45

Dear Notepad,

Watched Argo recently. Quite an interesting film, the suspense was great, but, as with most American films, there was quite a propaganda involved. The film depicts the U.S. hostage crisis during the eighties. They pictured the Iranians as animals, pure dumb evil who shout out “Allah Akbaar!" carrying AK-47s and who must be liquidated to save and protect the world peace...

But I liked the film, and the fact that Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston were the main actors. Oh, Bryan Cranston! I’ve grown to admire him very much after watching the ever-so popular Breaking Bad TV series.

Hmm, what else have I watched? I watch a film a day on average. Bad habit. I should read books. Come to think of books, I recently read one of O Henry’s stories titled “The Tale of a Tainted Tenner" where he described the typical life of an old $10 bill, and where each banknote greeted the other by stating their ID, i.e. “Hallo, E35039669, weren’t you in the change for me in a bakery last Saturday night?" - a typical chat between two dollars. What an unusual story :)

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15th November, 2013 // 16:16:24

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