27th August, 2013 // 10:57:14

Dear Notepad,

I will start this off by introducing me, myself, an arrogant man with a huge ego and of self importance. Hmm...
I might explain the situation by mentioning that this day is my second day of a family holiday in Turkey which will last for 10 days. The temeparture is said to rise to 42°. I’m quite happy. Content with myself.

Who am I kidding? I’m not content, not happy. It’s as if I’m missing something important, a nostalgic feeling, knowing that I will not see my family and friends for a whole year. I like the holiday, it’s very nice, hot, sunny, the sea is beautiful. Just like in those ad campaigns that make you feel that you’re wasting your time on a cold, cloudy monday morning. The irony is that now I feel that I’m wasting my time more than ever. Alas, I have homework to complete in those 10 days. 4 pages in my art-book, filled with sketches and notes from the time I was supposed to visit Tate-Modern gallery in London as a school trip. I was off sick, lying in a dreaded hospital with EEG wires stuck to my head for a whole 3 days, recording my genius and sucking out my love for life. I felt like Neo from The Matrix. Instead, I later went to the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, as the homework was set for the whole summer to complete.

My grandmother came in a few minutes ago, asking if I have eaten anything this morning at the cafe. I said I have. Two pastry buns, to be honest.
Listening to Shostakovich, Piano Concerto No.2 in F. Love Classical music. And Post Hardrock. And Indie. And a little bit of Country/Folk.

Waiting for Fe and Dima to come and drag me off the computer. Sitting here like a nerd, a geek that is unable to talk or converse about anything than his hobbies or his love for Art. I hope the problem lies in age. At least I can freely express my stream of conscience in written form. Жаль что не так хорошо на Русском. Маленький словарный запас. Надеюсь Я буду писать по Русски в будущем...

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28th August, 2013 // 21:06:41

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