26th September, 2013 // 20:25:03

Faber-Castell pens

Dear Notepad,

My art equipment has arrived on time, apart from the leads for the mechanical pencil. The quality of the pens is so great, that I forgot about the leads. I will postpone the issue until the leads that came with the pencils will run out. Oh yes, the book has arrived, too. “How to sharpen pencils“, written by a guy named David Rees, it’s a practical and theoretical treatise on the artisanal craft of pencil sharpening. Extremely funny, calm and deadpan throughout the whole book.

How To Sharpen Pencils

I have made some test-marks on the notepad to illustrate the range of marks they can make. The pens are amazing. Fantastic. Vibrant. The flow of the ink is very good. I already made a doodle with them.

Art Equipment

I especially liked the Japanese/Anime Pentel brush pen, which is extraordinary in the sense that it uses ink cartridges and makes very distinct, black marks, and the rough watercolour paper adds to the effect.

Pentel brush test

Overall, I am very pleased with Faber-Castell. The only downside, of course, is the price. And the packaging, which is very fiddly and a pain to get the pens in and out.

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