26th October, 2013 // 20:17:09

Dear Notepad,

I went to Manningtree, a day later than planned because of the weather. Britain is on amber, with a forecast on a possible hurricane, winds reaching up to 80mph...

The purpose behind my journey to Manningtree was to take photographs of the desolated industrial site which used to produce xylonite (celluloid). The factory was abandoned and remained unused since the 1980s. Nice.

The site is of a considerable size and to put it into perspective, I didn’t cover even half of what there is to explore and investigate in the time I had. You can see and judge the depressing gloominess of the place for yourself from the photos I have provided (photoshopped and HDRed to my liking) at nick.camera.

I hope to visit the place again, next time with some of my friends. When you’re alone in a place like this, well, heh, it leaves quite an impression. I always thought that there was someone stalking me. However nothing can be compared to the time when I visited a similar desolated building in Russia, but with an atomic shelter in the underground. Pitch black, abandoned in the ‘60s, there was a lot to explore. In fact, so much that you could easily get lost. But that’s another story to tell...

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