24th October, 2013 // 16:13:02

Dear Notepad,

Travelling by train to London on the 20th of September, I noticed an array of desolated, gloomy buildings while passing Manningtree. Alluring and fascinating, they were seducing me, my adventurous spirit to go and explore at first opportunity...

24th October. The opportunity has finally arrived, half-term has started. I have a week to go and do whatever I like. But first, I should to attend to urgent matters and finish everything that I owe to all my teachers at school. Homework, that is.

Hmm, I feel like an arrogant snob when I write this. Ugh...

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arrogant snob
21st October, 2013 // 23:00:36

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26th October, 2013 // 20:17:09

// To the future

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