22nd September, 2013 // 21:34:22

Dear Notepad,

I have been using my Faber-Castell artist pens since the dawn of time. June, that is. You might imagine that they are in a very used condition. In fact, they are so used that only two out of a set of six work. The reason being my constant pressure on the pens while at use. I happen to draw with such force (which I don’t notice at all), that the nibs of the pens slide away inside, which are impossible to pull out. I tried repairing the pens, but failed miserably by piercing my index finger. It hurt more than falling off a bike at full speed. Faber-Castell is cheeky. They make the pens in such a way, that the artist would absolutely have to buy a new set in a short amount of time, as the pens would deteriorate, the ink would run out, the nibs would slide away.

Today, I have finally managed to persuade my mother to buy me a new set of equipment, and here is the online shopping list -

It is supposed to arrive by Tuesday. I am as excited as my friends are while waiting for a pre-ordered game to arrive. I cannot compare this to games. How can you play games? What dreadful time-wasting...
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20th September, 2013 // 22:21:18

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