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Dear Notepad,

People seldom greet each other in England. I feel uncomfortable. Whenever I walk past a friend or a mate, they rarely answer my pathetic hies and good-days. Instead, they turn their face away, as if scared to make eye contact, with a stern look in their face, thinking thoughts, worrying away (seemingly) big problems. And I thought I was autistic.

It’s not only my friends, who may hold a valid excuse, as they have age to blame everything upon . I can sum up a dozen of adults who seldom bother to greet each other, especially my neighbours. They briskly walk past me whenever I happen to meet them, cowardly turning away, as if looking at me would be committing a horrible sin. But if the situation becomes unbearable and turning their face away wouldn’t do the trick, they force a quick, torn “hi", so as to not to seem impolite. I feel like a barbarian walking past them, although I am the one who is trying to be polite.

I see my understanding of politeness and etiquette is quite different to that of England. Or, should I say the town I live in, as England may vary from place to place, like any country. In Russia, if I was to walk through a street I lived in and wouldn’t bother to say hi to people whom I have been acquaintanced to, it would be treated as disrespect and personal offence. So, I stumble through some trouble getting used to either countries, holding my mouth shut until others notice me in England, and boldly saluting the other party in Russia.

However, it’s not always like that. There are people that are a pleasure to be with, but they are scarce to come by. Such is my dear Art tutor - Jane. She must be 70, by her looks, yet has managed to retain a childish sort of joy and ambition towards life. I have never seen such an eccentric and lively personality. Profoundly unique.

There you go, two different countries with two apparently different views on etiquette, politeness and civility.

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