11th of April. The door opened, balloons, balloons came flying through the door onto my bed. I reluctantly woke up, stood up, received my birthday card and a tiny, yellow chick, which you can see in the photograph; quite a contrast, standing on top of such a dystopian book.

Present-wise, I got a computer, a necessity which I craved for since I learnt to use Photoshop on my tiny laptop. To be more precise, I, with the help of my brother, ordered various parts online, so as to be able to build it myself. This way, it was much cheaper than buying a pre-built one, and spec-wise, it outperforms the mac. I can’t believe it, I built my own computer! It came out to be as simple as pie. It’s like Lego - once you have the necessary parts, you just carefully fit them in, do the wiring, place the motherboard inside the case.

I’ve got some work to do. Apart from doing revision for my GCSE exams, I got a new order on Envato Studio (formerly known as Microlancer) - for a $1000, I have to create doodles of 30 icons for a prominent web-dev website - Laracasts.com. Quite a challenge. Damn you, Envato, receiving 35% of my pay. I’ll get $650 from this job...

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