15th September, 2013 // 23:11:56

Dear Notepad,

Sunday. Went out to the forest with friends. Made a fire. Poured white spirit over it.

The Great Gatsby is a very interesting film, although it looks very ‘modern’ and wild. I don’t like that. The story is supposed to be set in the middle of the ‘20s, but the music and effects make it look like a modern-time masquerade. However, it is one of those films, where it improves as a whole towards the end, whereas most films get worse.

I found out that reading news is bad for you, or so a Guardian article claims. It states that reading news is irrelevant, misleading and works like a drug. But most important of all, news kills your creativity. The last point is very important to me. Creativity is sacred, and reading news will kill it. I want to stop reading the news, however it also stated that it is harder to stop reading news than to stop smoking or consuming alcohol.

Tomorrow, I am going to London. A consultation with a doctor. A good doctor. I’ll miss typical Monday morning. Good.

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14th September, 2013 // 20:28:31

// Go back in time

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// To the future

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