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Dear Notepad,

Hmm. I haven’t blogged recently. Stupid exams, shame on you. No, shame on me. I’m a lazy ass, that’s why. Well, at least I know that Leonardo da Vinci suffered from chronic procrastination. That makes me feel better...

I survived two exams. Maths and Art. I’m not good in Maths. I can’t count 2+2. Funny as it is, I’m quite worried about it, as I plan to complete a degree (in the not-so distant future) in Computer Science or something similar. I’ve wrote a post about it.

Art, however is my subject, a place where I rock and get good grades all most of the time. The lowest grade I ever achieved was a B. The exam, as you would expect, went well. Two days in a row, I was given 10 hours in total to create a piece of art, which links to my research. Ah, my least favourite part - doing research. Oh yes, that was the only time I got a C in Art. My research looked tiny compared to some girls, who spend more time writing than drawing. Anyway, during this exam I painted my little brother. With acrylics. Now, why on earth would I decide to use acrylics when I’m not even properly acquainted with the medium? I have to confess, I made a stupid choice. Right from the start I wanted to do a biro drawing, but, well, something made me change my mind and paint with acrylic.

I have a photo of the final piece of art, but I am not going to share it with you. No. I don’t want to be humiliated. Intended for the eyes of the examiner only. Private and confidential information, that is. I know that I can do better, the painting isn’t great and therefore isn’t worth sharing, however good enough for the exam.

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