14th September, 2013 // 20:28:31

Dear Notepad,

The days are dull and monotonous. Longest week of the year, so far. Why do I write in English? I cannot write in Russian. Нет! Я могу, но плохо. Очень плохо. Pathetic. Почерк хуже чем у доктора, хотя здесь безразлично...

Читал про Навального. Сомнительный, not that I understand anything in politics. Рожа суровая, такая. Sly and dangerous  =)

Мама приготовила чебуреки. Объедение.

I have not seen a sunny day since I came to England. Cold and wet. Average. I hate average. Sleep became my favourite time of day; I forget where I am, I forget who I am.

I never used to like sleep. A few weeks ago, I stated that I was cursed to never sleep well. It’s true. I am, since I suffer from nocturnal epilepsy and frequent insomnia. Oh well, at least I don’t suffer from bad dreams. Hmm.

What have I done today? What have I achieved? Well, as a matter of fact, I tried not to be a lazy ass and do some homework. I have done some Chemistry coursework research. Oh, how I loathe it. I walked the dog for an hour. Watched another episode of Breaking Bad. Doodled a bit. Done some calligraphy...

I still cannot get used to the fact that I am in England. Such a shame. Funny. Just to think that some would kill to be in my place. People want to go to England. Russia’s crazy about England. I’m quite unique this way. I’m the opposite. I guess it’s because I know how it is here; it’s amazing, wonderful. Beautiful. Quiet, peaceful. I couldn’t have wished for better. But, no! I don’t like it here. Why?? It’s this strange, uncomfortable feeling, a huge stone buried in my soul, knowing that something is wrong. You are wrong. You will never be “one of them". Patriotism? Nationalism? Maybe. I am morally different from everybody else. I am a stranger. I never feel at ease. I never feel safe, however ironic it may sound. I have to admit, I am scared of English chavs more than the Russian gopniks. I’m not sure why...

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