11th September, 2013 // 20:08:17

Dear Notepad,

I am a millennial. A narcissist. A lazy, self-satisfied, materialistic millennial. After reading an article by Joel Stein, I made a revelation that I am just as special as everyone else is. I am not unique. I am a consumer whore, overwhelmed and crushed by technology and social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Even my blog. All of that, a way to “socialize". I am an introvert. I cannot talk. I cannot express myself as well as I can in written form. I am bad at conversing with others. I’m the quietest in class, a nerd.

Stein is very right about me and other teenagers -

All that self-esteem leads them to be disappointed when the world refuses to affirm how great they know they are
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09th September, 2013 // 19:35:54

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You are not special

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