10th October, 2013 // 20:02:10

Dear Notepad,

I am thinking. I am seriously thinking. I am seriously thinking about my future. I am seriously thinking about my future career. Hmm...

I have signed up to a D-Day challenge, set up by BIMA around the UK. The point is to make young people be more aware of the various digital professions that are available, so the British Interactive Media Association created a challenge - either design a mobile app, a website that would benefit your local community or create a social media page to promote a made-up brand...

linking digital professionals from across the UK’s creative & professional sectors with young people in our schools and colleges
... I have to confess, I was very much disappointed. Everything we did as a group in school was hopelessly trying to design a prototype of a website, select our target audience, age range, etc. Oh, and the Internet didn’t work countywide for the school’s ISP, which made the whole web design idea rather pointless. Damn you, ISP! I haven’t learnt anything new today. Everything the ‘industry expert’, who lead the challenge, told us was no news to me. I wasted a whole day of school. Hmm...

At least I’ve done something productive today - I have redesigned the logo for one of my websites. See it live in action. It’s far from perfect, but a start. Think of it as a mockup, as I didn’t even have a proper ruler to measure out and make my lines straight. Instead, I used the edge of my school planner to try to make straight lines. Here it is -


$root - whoami
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