101 Project: In Progress

College is fun (no sarcasm). The course is much easier than A-levels, and is focused more on you and what you want to achieve in the future. They gave me a list of 101 tasks to complete by the end of the month. A minimum of 50 I’ll have to do. It’s a good thing that a half-term’s on the way. This post will be updated on a daily basis, with new drawings, photos, etc. Tasks being completed, below:

P.S. The titles are links. Might come in handy, since there are lots of them.

1. Make a drawing of a drawing.

It’s quite fun drawing yourself, while holding the pencil you’re drawing yourself with... Recursion.

2. Copy a photo from a newspaper using a fine pen.

Found an old piece of newspaper, ripped a little bit of it and drew what I saw.

3. List everyone you remember, displaying imaginatively.

This one was relatively hard to carry out, as I have bad memory. Notice, most of it is in Russian, probably because I remember things in my native language better than in English...

4. Draw a decaying object.

Working on it...

5. Draw your room, at night, with the lights out.

This was fun *cough* eye-damaging.

6. Collaborate on a drawing with a member of your family.

7. Create a poster to celebrate laziness.

This took some time to write up. The typeface I used is futura bold for the header and chaparral pro for the body (got the combination from here.)

8. Make a family portrait without your family.

I did this in Photoshop. I was also reading a bit of National Geographic prior to doing this task; that’s where the idea for the borders and the copy came from. I think I’ll redo this, when I get the time, as I don’t really like the composition. Plus, I’ll add some family stuff, e.g. books and toys on top of the letterforms.

9. Create your own currency.

I just went with the first thing that popped into my head, and that is an N... which turned into a Z, after some thought. After some more thought, I got to understand that there are a lot of different currencies around the world, some of which may look very similar to each other. Just saying.

10. Make something that represents your favourite piece of music.

Being a melomaniac, I like a lot of music. However, I have a genre that never betrays me. It is Classical music. What pops into one’s head when you think of this genre? That’s right, a piano!

Had a go at drawing a grand one using watercolours. Many people find this medium especially tricky, and I’m one of them. I have a long way to go with it.

11. Photograph 20 red (or a colour of your choice) things.

I settled on autumn colours, such as red, orange and stuff inbetween. The post.

12. Photograph 10 imaginary animals.


13. Make a drawing of yourself aged 76.

This was very fun to do, although I hope I don’t end up looking like that. Completely out of my head, I was too lazy to go get the mirror.

14. Document a collection of all the pens you find in your house.

Here they are.

15. Make a drawing/photo of somebody’s shadow.

I was inspired by Stephen King, as I’m currently reading his On Writing.

16. Make a sign for an imaginary event and display it in public.

17. Make a drawing with an eraser.

18. Illustrate the 5th and 100th word from a book.

19. Draw your teeth by holding the pen between your teeth.

I have done just that.

20. Take a photo of yourself as soon as you wake up and just before you go to sleep.

Ahahahaha, I’m having a fit.

This one was really taken after waking up.

But this one, not so much. I spent about an hour meandering through the web (and editing this page) after taking the photo... Why do I always look so serious, eh?

21. Document a walk.

I went on a walk with my little bros. Here’s the post.

22. Make a hat for Willy Wonka.

23. Use up a cheap pack of felt tip pens/pastels.

24. Call your closest relative and tell them you love them.

25. Document faded spaces, holes in the walls and cracks in the floor.

26. Design a tattoo for Jeremy Corbyn.

27. Take a short bus journey and document the people you are with.

The post.

28. Make a painting of a film.

29. Make an image from the condensation on a window.

30. Draw a camouflage drawing.

31. Draw a map of the places you like to visit.

32. Make a shocking piece of jewellery.

33. Draw on a balloon, let it go outside and document.

34. Make some pen illustrations on your hand/arm/legs.

35. Draw the world inside out.

I’m not really good at digital paintings, but I tried creating a sort of an asteroid or a planet that’s inside out... I tried!

36. Create a friendly costume for invading North Korea.

Not sure if it’s friendly enough, but that’s the idea.

37. Deconstruct a matchbox and rearrange into architecture.

38. Send a message in a bottle.

39. Illustrate the Japanese national anthem.

40. Document (either film, photo, draw, etc.) all of your shoes.

41. Make an image alphabet using lots of different images of items that begin with each letter.

42. Rearrange an old piece of work using scissors and glue.

43. Make something beautiful out of something disgusting.

This is a used chewing gum. I did something with it.

44. Find an image and obliterate one colour.

I did two.

45. Make a rubbing of something.

46. Make a disguise kit.

47. Record the beginning and end of something.

48. Reorganise a plate of food several times in a surrealist style.

49. Document something dead next to something living.

50. Redesign a coffee cup.

Not sure what I was up to, there...

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