100 Birthday Cards

My earphones have recently broke, so I asked for an expensive pair of bluetooth earphones. My mother agreed, but since I’ve been very apathetic, aimless, lazy and lethargic for the stretch of 2015, doing nothing but binge-watching TV shows, she gave me one condition, a challenge that has genuinely inspired me, that is to draw exactly 100 birthday cards. If I create these, then I’ll get my £100 or so to spend on the earphones.

I calculated that if I create 5 cards a day, then it’ll be done in 20 days. Hmm, today I’ve done only one, but I guess it’s worth it.

The ideas I get from this website, which has a great list of whacky holidays, secular and unofficial celebrations and festivals. I began from January, picking the National Nothing Day as a start, a day when you’re at liberty to do nothing. Seems like my kind of day, which I live by nearly every day! My next one will be the Bean Day.

Here’s my first card:

$root - whoami
card composer
Wood Engraving

// Go back in time

To Don Vito Corleone

// To the future

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