08th September, 2013 // 21:06:02

Dear Notepad,

What a tiring day. 6 hours of travel...

The time difference between Moscow and London is 3 hours. I live Moscow time. 3 hours behind. Sleep. I’ll go to sleep right now. School tomorrow, Monday. Sad Face. I’ll miss Russia. I hope to visit Russia these winter holidays, but that’s not what I should think about. Oh yes, I have unfinished homework due, and on my favourite subject. Sad Face.

Lets be more positive, Nick. You will meet your friends tomorrow, have some fun. You’re in Year 11, after all. What a change. The only change is that I’ll have more exams. Mock exams, mock exams, exams.

Can’t wait to go to sleep. Good night.

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07th September, 2013 // 00:30:08

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09th September, 2013 // 19:35:54

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