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Dear Notepad,

Today is a special day. Moscow is celebrating its birthday, a day when the whole city is filled with masses of people, waving flags, veterans walking in their uniforms at the Red Square, their medals highlighting their patriotism and love for Russia. First saturday of September...

As I’ve mentioned before a quadrillion number of times, I am going to a gallery with my brother. I’m excited. It’s my last day in Russia, the last day I will see my closest friends this year. And it’s the day of Moscow. I’m worried. Why am I worried? I don’t know. I’m not sure. I guess I’m happy :)

15:08, two and a half hours until I meet at the Кропоткинская tube station. Just to be sure, I calculated online how long it will take me to get there - ~26 minutes. One interchange...

00:04, back home, tired. Unfortunately, Dima did not come to the gallery with us. He was “busy". He didn’t explain why he was busy. Interesting, what kind of “busy" did he mean?

The day was a success. I liked the outing, although the gallery itself was quite dreary. I guess I shouldn’t call it a gallery. It’s a museum. There was a lot of unique stuff there, however, ranging from a plastic fan (oh, modern art) to an interactive, gigantic screen, letting you play a certain scientific simulator game. We spent there quite some time, then travelled by tube to see off Vica to her home. She decided to invite us round her apartment, to have some tea and chat for the last time this year. She started her first course at the uni a week ago, so she showed us some of her architectural drawings of buildings, perfect portraits of Caesar and Aristotle, drawn from life-size figurines. So mathematically precise, so perfect.

I’ll miss everyone...

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