06th September, 2013 // 15:36:20

Dear Notepad,

2 days left until depressing England. That’s exactly 48 hours...

I still want to go out somewhere with my friends, even though they are busy. I’m supposed to be busy too, with homework. But I’m not. I’m lazy. ++lazy. The laziest person on earth. The homework was set for the whole summer to complete, and I still haven’t completed even half of it. And it’s on my favourite subject - Art. All I had to do was draw, my favourite occupation. Instead, I’m playing around with my websites, adding content, editing code, inserting ads, even though I got $0,44 last month. Задрот...

Hmm, who will I be in, say, five years time? I’d like to think that I’ll become a designer, an artist, an IT professional. Not with this kind of rate.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Sure, Saturday. Everyone will be available. Planning to go to the Multimedia Art Museum, with Vica and Dima :)

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