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Dear Notepad,

I am cursed to never sleep well...

This is the last day of the holiday. Our flight to Russia is at 7:00. That means waking up at 3:00 and travelling to Antalya for two hours. 5:00. Another two hours left for security necessities at the airport...

I will never go on a family holiday ever again. Too much for me. To tell the truth, I don’t like people. I don’t like big crowds, I don’t even like going to the town-center. I feel extremely self-conscious and uncomfortable. Hmm. I hope the problem lies in age. If not, then I can classify myself as a full-time nerd.

23:10. 4 hours left until the coach arrives to pick us up. Use this time wisely. Stop typing and go to sleep...

...Can’t sleep. Водкинайду? One hour left of battery life on the laptop. No charger. Hmm.

Why do I get annoyed at everybody so much? What’s wrong with everyone? No, what’s wrong with me? I think I should change. A radical change. I want to stop being so lazy, I want to be productive, I want to help. Oh my, how easy it is to think these things and oh how hard it is to carry them out.
When is this going to end? Why do I keep asking questions? Heh, I bet there are more quotation marks than any other character in this entry.

I’m going to sum up this day. What have I done today? Well, I went to the gym, twice. I went to the Turkish bath. I acted like an asshole for the whole day.

Security and passport control is now behind, I’m patiently waiting for the time to pass. 5:40. One hour and ten minutes left until boarding. My laptop battery is running out, I guess I will listen to music.

So long, Turkey...

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