03rd September, 2013 // 23:33:10

Dear Notepad,

Nobody, anywhere, anywhen can provide me with good sleep. I can never sleep well. Either it’s lethargic Monday or a crazy Saturday hell. I was cursed from birth to never have a good, long sleep...

I always complain, don’t I? Oh yes, I forgot - it’s my diary. I can. I’ll carry on...

Hmm, the morning was not the best. Urging me to wake up by spraying water on top of me. And I’m very squeamish, which made the situation ever so unbearable. Well, I had my revenge. I spoiled the whole morning for everybody by acting like a straight-out ass, whining and yammering about how everything’s wrong and how I should have slept till noon.

Good news - I met a young boy while helplessly trying to carry out a pathetic frontflip with my brother into the swimming pool. There he was, leniently contemplating my attempts. He showed us how to do it proper. I spent the next couple of hours jumping out into the sea, doing near-pefect frontflips. And all because I saw a twelve year-old boy carry one out. I later found out from talking to him that he spent a year attending a gymnastics class. No wonder.

Now I’m content, I can do a frontflip jump into the sea. I should get a medal for that.

To cool off from jumping about, I decided to visit a Turkish bath (irony itself), accompanied by Fe and Dima. I liked it very much indeed. Sitting, in a small, dim-lit wooden room, we chat among ourselves at a boiling 80°. 5 minutes passed. Sweat was pouring down from us. There was also a sauna and an outside pool. We jumped out and ran to the pool, tempering ourselves, as the water seemed very cold after the vaporarium. Smashing.

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