02nd September, 2013 // 22:08:08

Dear Notepad,

What’s there not to love in holidays? Wake up to sunrise at 6, unwillingly. See how the sun rises for an hour, go back to sleep. Sleep until 10. A good, long sleep...

What have I done today? Well, as a matter of fact, I had a ride on an inflatable banana, tied up to a speedboat. Sounds ridiculous. Riding fast, enjoying the ardent heat. The speedboat stops, harshly turns the other way. Out I go, flying by inertia, soaking up the sea through my ears, nose and mouth. Go bananas! Managed to hold on, while the rest of the group helplessly wobbled about.

Later that day, I went to the hotel’s “restaurant". They offered three different cuisines - Turkish, Italian and, well, I forgot the other one. I can’t say that the food was good, no. I have to admit, I liked the smorgasbord more. Turks can’t make pizza for nothing. At least that’s what I found out from my experience. One thing that I did enjoy was the view - the sun hid below the horizon, no flaming heat. The magnificent, calm sea and the antithetical mountains, rough and blurred in the evening fog. Unforgettable...

What can I say? Had another good day, as usual :)

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