01st September, 2013 // Questionnaire

Summer has ended. No joke...

If I was able to choose a super-power, what kind of power would it be? Would I choose super-strength? Or super-intelligence? What about being able to fly, or travel back in time? What an interesting dilemma. I like thinking of impossible things. Quite creative, from my point of view. Hmm, I wouldn’t mind being able to travel in time, being able to see what would become of me in 10 years time. Would I be the head of a successful company, or on the contrary - a cleaner?. Knowing that I cannot change anything, because it’s my future. It’s a horrible, strange feeling...

What kind of super-power would you choose, and why?

31 August, 2013 // 20:15:15

// Go back in time

02nd September, 2013 // 22:08:08

// To the future

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