01st October, 2013 // 19:03:57

Dear Notepad,

First day of October. My mother’s birthday in nine days...

Teachers are on strike. School is closed. What would you do if you get an opportunity like this? Definitely not sit at home. The weather was nice and warm. Went on a trip to Tuddenham on bike. Equipped with a camera, two spare lenses, a Moleskine notepad and a set of pens, I embarked on a journey of inspiration.

What do I do when I’m out and about? Who do I go with? Hmm. Nothing changed since Year 7, to be honest. I still go to the same old place, accompanied by the same people, doing the same things, year after year.

England is a unique place where, from my experience, your mood greatly depends on the type of weather. Clouds - miserable and in despair. Sunshine - upbeat and optimistic.

Why is the world of programming and web design so complex and unbearable at times? Why does it come so hard? I want to learn. I know I can. But something is holding me down. It seems to me that, as further I progress my knowledge of the topic, the less I feel I know. Maybe I’m just downright lazy and I haven’t properly tried...

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// To the future

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